Contributing Guide


The packages directory houses multiple individual packages that are related to each other.

  • @zeronejs/cli: Command line interface (CLI) module. Includes Zerone project creation, one-click generation of CURD, build and other functions.

  • @zeronejs/role-easy: Simple role authorization module.

  • @zeronejs/auth: Identity authentication module.

  • @zeronejs/redis: Redis module.

  • @zeronejs/utils: Tool function module.

Development Setup


Clone the repo, and install dependencies:

pnpm i

Main tools that used in this project:


pnpm test

The test script uses Jest to run unit testings

pnpm commit

The commit command uses the message from git-czopen in new window when you commit code.

pnpm build

The build command uses zerone cliopen in new window the build command.


Source code is hereopen in new window

All the markdown source files are placed in docs directory. We are maintaining two translations:

  • English (en-US) in / path
  • Chinese (zh-CN) in /zh/ path

The production version we deployed on GitHub Pagesopen in new window.

The site is automatically builtopen in new window from the latest submission. The domain name is https://zerone.topopen in new window.